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Maphlix Trust Ghana Limited creates value by acting as an entrepreneurial knowledge platform connecting its clients and its employees. This focus on both Clients and employees is emphasized in Maphlix Trust Ghana Limited core values which are:

i. To exceed the clients expectations and to unlock and protect value in the businesses.

ii.  To commit to the highest ethical and professional standards.

iii. To drive innovation and take pride in recommending the optimum solution,     not the expected one

iv. To bring enthusiasm and energy to work with clients so as to build Relationships that generate trust, understanding and lasting partnerships.

v. To focus its business on its own people, providing a culture in which its advisor encouraged to develop their knowledge and experience base with pride.

vi. To support continuous personal development and challenge its employees to fully unlock their potential.

Business goals & objectives

 The company has targeted some land mark turnkey projects. We have short term project and long term project. Some project will take approximately three years to take off or completed. Our goals are that fifteen years all or 80% of the project mention above should be completed. Maphlix Trust Ghana Limited seeks to achieve six main goals. They include:

i. To create both permanent and temporal employment for the native people of the project location and in Ghana i.e. to be the most company with largest number of employee in the sub-region. It is hoped that the creation of such job avenue could help reduce the youth unemployment  situation and its vice consequences like armed robbery, in the country.

ii. To setup the biggest land mark turnkey projects in the sub-region and to extend if to foreign countries.

iii. To breed more expertise in the various sectors for competition and quality delivery for all purposes.

iv. Providing room for research works especially by students.

v. Exporting excesses that wouldn't be used by local companies and individuals for foreign exchange to help in nation building.

vi. Increasing the living standards of the indigenous people of the project's location.


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