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The home solar system technology with inverter, 240v 50hz supplies 24 hours power for all your home appliances ( tv, musical, fridge, air condition, fan, light, microwave, washing machine, iron, shaving machine, phone charge & etc. feedbacks

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Home solar system technology with inverter, 240v 50hz installedHome solar system technology with inverter, 240v 50hz


  • 1, the inverter: 3000W pure sine wave inverter (ie, output power 3000W)

 2, the controller: 48V100A, charging: MPPT

 3, battery input: 48V

 4, Solar Input: 72V (effective DC charging voltage of 60-90V)

 5, the maximum power of the solar panels can be connected: 72V7200W

 6, the maximum battery capacity can be connected: 48V7500AH

 7, the solar panel voltage: 72V

 8, the output voltage: 110V / 120V / 220V / 240V (optionally An output voltage), the output frequency 50 / 60Hz

 9, Interface: Solar battery positive and negative input + input + AC outlet (Universal)

 10, the cooling fan: temperature cooling fan, starting at 45 ℃

 11, LCD frequency: based on the output state of the AC voltage, respectively showing: output voltage, output current, output power, total power consumption, in turn switch

 12, LED indicator:

Green light: Charging indicator; Red light: battery switch is turned up, the red LED blinks twice, after about 3 seconds is lit, output, undervoltage or overpressure, the indicator does not light, the machine can not start. In the output operation, since the voltage is below 43V, output is stopped, the red indicator light turns off one second one second stop flashing, the battery voltage to 48V, the flashing stops, the output recovery. When entering thermal protection, the indicator flashes once per second instantaneous instantaneous flash, output is stopped, the temperature returns to 65 degrees, the instantaneous flash stop power is restored. Yellow light: AC output status indication, AC short circuit is off; when over temperature yellow light, red light instantaneous flash.

13, a switch: power output switch + battery switch

 14, Temperature protection: 85 ℃ (shutdown)

 15, lightning ways: solar input of 180V surge discharge


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