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Solar energy in Ghana

Solar Energy in Ghana for Households & Industries

We Can Help You Switch from Electricity to Solar Energy

Switch from electricity to solar energy, cut your cost on energy and save big. Maphlix Trust Ghana Limited supplies high quality solar energy products including Solar Panels, Inverter, Batteries, UPS Optional, Cables, accessories for household and industrial use with their installations. The solar panels have varying capacities to cater for the power requirement for Companies and households that need them.


 Available Solar Products:

Intelligent Inverter with Built-in MPPT Controller

This series of product is a module design of inverter and built-in MPPT controller, which has the advantages of high conversion efficiency, low power consumption and strong load-carrying ability. With intelligent control, customers can set charging mode, (Utility as complementary power) AC first mode or DC first mode, timed inversion mode. This is the currently the most advanced inverter & controller hybrid in the world.

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Solar entergy in Ghana

Home Solar Technology For Direct Current ‘DC’ & Alternating Current ‘AC’ 24 Hours Power Supply For All Home, Office and Industrial Appliances

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Home solar technology

Home solar system technology with inverter, 240v 50hz 24 hours power for all your home appliances ( tv, musical, fridge, air condition, fan, light, microwave, washing machine, iron, shaving machine, phone charge & etc.

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Advantages of Solar Energy Over Other Sources of Energy

Solar power has gained so much attention in current times mostly because the source of energy use in daily household and business activities are becoming largely sustainable and cost-inefficient. Described in the next page are some of the advantages the solar energy wields over many other sources of energy.

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Solar Farm

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Our Solar Factory

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Solar Freezer

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