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Installation/Distribution & Risk

The Solar Energy System will be installed at the premises of your home or organization. By this, the risks in the functioning of the system are transferred to you. Therefore, the cost of maintenance and servicing (if required) are transferred to the buyer. After installation of the solar system and their proper functioning at that time, other costs to keep the systems in use (or shape) are not borne by the distributor. Though these is very minimal except collateral damages accidentally occur by carelessness or intentionally.



The manufacturers of the solar panels give 25 years warranty on the products. During this period, costs of repairs to the product resulting from a defect in quality of the product shall be borne by the supplying company, only on solar panels.



In circumstances when the solar panels need servicing such as cleaning, the distributor shall perform such function at the cost to individual customer or your organization. The charge for servicing will basically comprise of any price elements incurred by the distributer to perform the servicing functions. No excess charge will be assigned for servicing apart from that which is wholly and necessarily incurred for the servicing.


Price and Purchasing Policy

The prices of the product depend largely on the Size of Solar Panels, Inverter Capacity, Batteries & Optional UPS Capacity to be installed. And the size or capacity of panels to use is driven by the level of energy requirement or consumption in your home or in the organization. While it is true that installing a solar power system in your organization is reasonably cost effective or little higher than expected. NELL ENERGY & Other Sub-distributors can help ease the initial cost to make it more affordable. When you factor in the long term savings, It is still much cheaper over a time compared to paying the increasing costs of the conventional utility power.

Households and organizations can make full payment for the price of the product or take up the product based on our credit policy. Nowadays, most households and organizations choose leasing or Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) to finance their solar energy system. This drastically reduces, or in some cases completely eliminates, the total upfront costs of a solar energy system, and allows customers to start saving money from the very first day they purchase the system. In line with getting the best releasable from the total cash-out to purchase the solar energy system by customers, the management of NELL ENERGY & its associates distributors and Agents will allowed a 50% percent credit for all purchases by qualified individuals and organizations. With this policy, customers will be required to pay for only 50% of the price of the product, and the rest to be paid in equal installments within 5 months after the purchase.


Please NOTE that Conditions and Terms apply, and a PPA Agreement would be signed accordingly between the distributor and the project owner/customer. This only apply to customers that merits our credit policy.

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