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Aftfund Article

Location: Accra, Ghana
Grant Amount: US$110,000.00

Maphlix Trust Ghana Limited is headquartered in Accra, with its farming and processing operations at Dzodze on the outskirt of Tadzewu in the Ketu North District, Volta Region of Ghana. Dzodze is located at latitude 6.2420° N and longitude 0.9964° E, about 167 kilometers from Accra, the capital city of Ghana (Figure 1). The closest city to Dzodze is Tadzewu and is very close to the geographical boundary between Ghana and Togo.

Maphlix Trust Ghana Ltd is a key player in Ghana’s cassava agribusiness. Its lines of activities include cassava farming, establishment and promotion of out-growers’ scheme, and cassava processing and value-addition. It processes different brands of cassava food products, such as garri (including coconut garri), tapioca, high-quality cassava flour (HQCF), starch, chips, biscuits, etc. The production status is predominantly manual, but series of “Skills Training” and “Capacity-building and enlightenment workshops are embarked upon by the company targeting women and the youth in the environs. The company’s most-recently organized “Skills Training on Processing Cassava” was sponsored by the Skills Development Fund (SDF) from 3rd-5th October 2018.

Maphlix Trust Ghana Limited received AFT Grant award following the AFT TRC’s approval of the firm’s request on 30th November 2017. The approval is for the sum of One Hundred & Ten Thousand USA dollars (US$110,000.00) to fund the key preparation activities of financial and technical feasibility studies under the company’s project called the “Processing of cassava in Ghana.” According to the company’s management, the AFT grant “has afforded Maphlix Trust Ghana Limited the opportunity to undertake preparation activities towards obtaining investment for large-scale expansion of its cassava processing activities.” It also noted that it was not easy for the company to undertake the preparation activities’ studies on its own because of the capital-intensive nature. The company was optimistic that the chance to be an AFT Grantee would have “opened a previously closed door for accessing the needed fund for expansion.”